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Types of commercial real estate we specialize in

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Contract duration

5 - 10 years

Return of investment

6 - 8%

Bank financing

up to 50%

Interest rate

from 2% per annum

Premises with tenants

Contract duration

3 - 8 years

Return of investment

5 - 6%

Bank financing

up to 50%

Interest rate

from 2.5% per annum

Hotels & Apartments

Number of rooms

10 - 20

Monthly occupancy rate

40 - 60%

Bank financing

up to 50%

Interest rate

from 2.5% per annum

Development projects

Entry threshold


Residential projects

Bank financing

up to 50%

Interest rate

from 2% per annum

Our tenants

Our company works with commercial real estate with the participation of such international corporations as “Kik”, “Spar”, “Pepco”, “Lidl”, “Addiko bank”. But we are also interested in collaboration with local European companies, well-established and reliable. We have been cooperating with most of them for several years.

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Special projects with

C21 Slovenia and

Futu-re real estates Century 21 Slovenia

In joint video projects with our partners from, Futu-re Real Estate employees will evaluate investments in various types of commercial real estate, voice the risks, possible profitability, minimum and average investment size.

In this video block you will learn:

  • answers to basic questions that will arise for anyone who expects to receive income from real estate, but just does not know where to start
  • recommendations allowing to make a choice in favor of this or that object
  • specific proposals in Slovenia, whose economy gives investors a real chance of success

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Discover the potential of investing in development projects in Europe

Our company is engaged in the engineering of development projects, and we focus on the development of small apartment complexes, cottage villages and townhouses.

  • Main markets: Slovenia, Austria and Croatia
  • Strong domestic demand
  • Risk minimization - projects size and phased construction
  • The ability to receive higher returns compared to bank deposits


projects up to

250 K

minimum entry threshold

from 2%


up to 50%


Tedi Žalec
Soseska Pesnica

We provide management of COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES

Our company is engaged in commercial real estate management, which includes a whole range of measures for the development of the facility, interaction with tenants, a technical management company, accounting and other services in order to resolve current issues at the facility and ensure the efficient operation of your company.

Our partners in Slovenia are the best, verified by years of cooperation.

  • lawyers
  • tax consultants
  • accounting firms
  • credit brokers
  • banks

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We are here to make your investment


Our unique resale market allows you to sell your shares in properties to other investors at a price of your choosing.

You leave a request

We make a selection

We select properties according to your parameters and advise on purchasing, absolutely free!

You come to viewings

After touring the selected properties a preferred choice might arise of one or several objects.

We negotiate with the owner

We will coordinate the final cost of the property with the owner.

You make a decision

You make the final decision to purchase the property.

We prepare documents

We help to open a legal entity (d.o.o) in Slovenia, and we prepare a contract in two languages.

You sign a contract

You sign a contract of sale and pay 10% of the deposit to the guarantee (fiduciary) account of a legal bureau or a notary.

We assure the contract

We assure the contract at the tax authority, as well as at the notary, we draw up the right of ownership.

You pay the remaining sum

You pay the balance of 90% to the fiduciary account. After this, the registration of ownership.


You are a property owner in Slovenia! And we receive payment only upon the successful transaction.

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Transparency of work is our main advantage.


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Investing in Slovenia

Our task is to help an investor profitably invest in commercial real estate or a development project in Slovenia. To do this, we select the best offers for you with anchor tenants and long-term contracts. In addition, we are negotiating and fully help to conclude a deal at all its stages. We guarantee the legal purity of transactions and full compliance with obligations on both sides.


When you invest 500.000€ or more

we will provide legal services for opening a d.o.o. for free.

Why invest in Slovenia?

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