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European Culture Capital 2025

The cities of Nova Gorica, Ptuj, Ljubljana and Piran entered the second round of the competition for the title of European Culture Capital 2025. 

This was stated by Cristina Farinha, chairman of the group of experts of European cultural capitals.


She said that many of the applications were original, she also emphasized that she was pleasantly surprised to see that six cities applied for the title, which, according to her, is very much for such a “small but otherwise large country”.


Of this six, two cities, Kranj and Lendava, were recently rejected, but the other four will still compete for the title. The final choice will be made in December.


Zoran Stančič, head of the European Commission’s representative office in Slovenia, noted that if any of these cities wins, then in 2025 Slovenia will receive an honorary title for the second time. As you know, in 2012, Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia, was awarded this honor.


Let us recall that this year the title of cultural capital of Europe passed to two coastal cities - Rijeka in Croatia and Galway in Ireland.

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