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Pruning of the Old Vine

Date: March 7, 2020
Venue: Maribor, Tape
41st pruning of the oldest vine in the world

Pruning the vine is one of the most important practices in the vineyard, as it directly affects the growth of the vine and the harvest of grapes. But pruning of the Old Vine is really something special. Its age is more than 400 years, and it is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest vine in the world.

The grapevine festival is the main festival of Maribor, where you can see the whole cycle of events from pruning to wine, from cutting the grapes to the celebration of St. Martin's Day, which is the patron saint of winemakers and in his honor this festival takes place (" Martinovanie ” is the largest celebration of young wine day in Slovenia).

The old vine festival is the greatest ethnographic spectacle of Maribor, which symbolizes the rich wine culture of Maribor and the entire Styrian region. The region, which is at the same time the starting and ending point of the wine roads, where small wine regions are intertwined with beautiful landscapes and villages.

On this occasion, the city of Maribor donates the shoots of Old Vine to its partner cities, communities and countries around the world. Pruning and ceremonial donation of the processes are accompanied by a cultural and ethnographic program, and the descendants of the descendants of the Old Vine will be put up for sale for visitors to the event.

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