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Engineering of development projects

Our company is engaged in the engineering of development projects, and we focus on the development of small apartment complexes, cottage villages and townhouses. Thus, the main segment of our customers is the local population. We are not dependent on foreign buyers and investors. We also adhere to the principle of searching for locations outside tourist areas, therefore, on the contrary, we choose locations that are based on local domestic demand for housing.

What do we offer

  • The opportunity to participate in development projects with a minimum entry threshold of 250.000 euros.
  • Affordable mortgage starting from 2%.
  • Projects up to 3 million euros - financing up to 50% of the size of projects with a bank loan with a project implementation period from 8 months up to 1.5 years.
  • Main markets: Slovenia, Austria and Croatia. 95% of the local population lives in their own housing - a great demand in the domestic market.
  • Development allows you to get higher returns in euros compared to bank deposits and bonds.
  • Focus on small projects in small cities allows you to work in less competitive markets and be based on local demand for housing.
  • Minimization of risks. The size of the projects and phased construction (where possible) allows you to quickly sell the completed housing.

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