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Tenants in Slovenia

Office & More

Office & More are under the aegis of ACRON d.o.o. The company specializes in selling school, office and gift accessories. It is the official representative of more than 30 high-quality brands, also have more than 150 of their own brands. Outlets are strategically located throughout Slovenia.


Dorogerie Markt (DM) is a German trading network, founded in 1973. The company is the largest retail chain of perfumes and cosmetics in central and eastern Europe. It operates in 12 European countries, has more than 3,300 stores in Europe with more than 70 branches in Slovenia.


Mr.Pet  is the chain of stores that offers a wide range of products and equipment for all types of pets, birds, fish and reptiles. Since 2004, Mr.Pet has opened 15 offices throughout Slovenia. The main advantage in the industry is a wide choice of prices and product quality, introduction of innovations and tracking of global trends.


POLLINO-Children's fashion footwear made of natural materials.
Pollino footwear has been present on the domestic market since 1996. Since then, the production has become richer and more widespread every year. The following years brought a constant rise both in the field of production and in the field of children's footwear trade, and the name POLLINO became synonymous with quality and a recognized Serbian brand. Pollino has made significant efforts in the field of exports for years, participating in the world famous footwear fairs in Dusseldorf and Milan, and thus gained new customers in Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Russia, Australia and all the republics of the former Yugoslavia.


TEDi is a German non-food retailer, one of the leaders in its market segment with a distribution network of more than 1,400 stores throughout Europe. The network is represented not only in large cities, but also in small regional centers, as well as in rural areas.


LIDL is a German supermarket chain, which is actively developing in two directions - household goods and discount food trade. It already includes more than 10,000 stores in 27 countries. The company is actively promoting not only in Europe, but also in the markets of Australia and the USA (since 2017). The company's headquarters is located in Neckarsulm, Germany.


KIK - German chain of clothing stores. Kik is one of the 10 largest German companies operating in the retail sector and has 3,200 stores in Europe. The main range of stores is represented by clothing, household goods, souvenirs, gifts and stationery. 


OPTIKA CLARUS - is one of the leading companies in glasses and optical devices trade in Slovenia. A wide range of correction and sunglasses, sports and children's glasses from famous brands.

Addiko Bank

Addiko Bank is an Austrian banking group with numerous cross-border operations in the Alp-Adriatic region. The group is active in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.

Bags & More

В магазинах Bags & More широкий ассортимент модных и туристических аксессуаров для мужчин и женщин, подарочные изделия, школьные, спортивные и развлекательные товары и др. Компания также является создателем собственных брендов Fashion & More, Travel & More, Wallet & More, Umbrella & More, Bottle & More и Rucksack Only.
Компания активно работает в сфере оптовой торговли и продвижения, по всей Словении открыто более чем 60 собственных магазинов - галантерея и канцелярские товары.


NKD is the leading value retailer among the clothing discounters and provides its customers with a wide product range of current seasonal fashion for the whole family, as well as home textiles and home accessories. This clothing discounter with around 9,000 employees is one of the leading clothing retailers in Central Europe.


Intersport International Corporation (IIC) is a management company owned by the INTERSPORT group. The amount of the company's annual retail sales exceeds 10.2 billion euros, the distribution network consists of more than 5,400 stores in 42 countries.


TUŠ is the largest company in Slovenia. After 30 years of work is one of the successful retailers. More than 3,200 employees, 260 business units, more than 3 million purchases per month. The company has received several awards for excellence in business, social responsibility and sustainability.


PAMI d.o.o. is a family company that was founded in 1993 by transforming the company Pamiso d.o.o. Nova Gorica. The main activity of the company is the sale of footwear and other related goods.


CCC S.A. is the largest shoe manufacturer and fastest growing shoe manufacturer in Europe. The company has been operating since 1996. Today, CCC Group owns almost 900 stores in 16 countries, the total area of which is about 500,000 sq.m.

Tuš drogerija

TUŠ is the largest company in Slovenia. After 29 years of work, it is one of the successful retailers. More than 3,200 employees, 260 business units, more than 3 million purchases per month. The company has received several awards for excellence in business, social responsibility and sustainability.

The range of Tuš drogerija is represented by cosmetics, household chemicals, perfumes, hygiene products, household goods. The range also includes medicines - OTC drugs and dietary supplements.


PIKA POLONICA is a network of children's stores in Slovenia and Croatia, it has 35 outlets throughout Slovenia.


Pepco is a chain of textiles and home goods stores. Since 2004, the company has become part of Pepkor Holding, which is included in Steinhoff International Holdings Limited, a group that owns 42 retail brands in 44 countries in Europe, Africa and Australia. As of 2017 - 1243 stores.


HIŠA DARIL is the largest chain of gift shops in Slovenia. They offer a large assortment of gift products (over 10,000 items) and at the moment have 22 stores in Slovenia.

Triglav Group

Triglav Group and is one of the leading financial companies in Slovenia. Triglav insurance company offers a wide range of life insurance and pension insurance. The company also operates in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.

In addition to the insurance and reinsurance companies, the Triglav Group also deals with investment funds, asset management and banking.


Hofer is the brand of the German company ALDI on the Slovenian and Austrian markets. Aldi is the common name for two of the world's leading discounters with more than 10,000 stores in 18 countries, and an estimated total turnover of more than 50 billion euros (as of 2010 - € 53 billion). Aldi group owns more than 8,000 stores worldwide.


Spar is a Dutch supermarket chain with headquarters in Amsterdam. As the world's largest voluntary food retail chain with 12,545 stores in 44 countries and a global turnover of 33.1 billion euros, SPAR continues to grow in emerging markets. The number of employees at the moment is approx. 350 thousand people.

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta, Inc. is a Japanese multinational technology company headquartered in Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo, with offices in 49 countries worldwide. The company manufactures business and industrial imaging products, including copiers, laser printers, multi-functional peripherals (MFPs) and digital print systems for the production printing market.


LON was founded in 1992 and has headquarters in Kranj. Kranj is the fourth most populated city in Slovenia and is located 30-minute car drive away from the capital Ljubljana.

There are 12 LON branches throughout Slovenia.



Founded in 2004, Mana is positioning itself as the leading retail chain in Slovenia, with more than 80 stores. The company is also presented in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a stand-alone store and in Serbia with five stores in Belgrade and Novi Sad.


DEICHMANN is a German chain of shoe stores, that are presented on the market for more than 10 years. Deichmann shoes are sold in approximately 3857 stores in 26 countries.


Telemach is the leading alternative operator in Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the third largest and fastest growing mobile operator in Slovenia.


Mercator is one of the largest and most successful retail chains in Southeast Europe and the market leader in Slovenia with a share of 45.8%. The company owns about 1,200 stores, including 17 hypermarkets with a trade area from 5,000 to 12,000 square meters.


MLADINSKA KNJIGA is the largest trading network of bookstores and stationery stores operating in all Balkans. The company also provides printing and publishing services, it is present in five countries and has 900 employees.


Sanolabor is the largest Slovenian company in the field of medical and pharmacological services. It has been present on the market for over 60 years and has a wide network of specialized retail stores selling orthopedic products, medicines, medical equipment, etc.

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