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Pepco shop in Maribor

  • Premises with tenants
  • Maribor, Podravska, Slovenia

Net size




Property details

Commercial space with tenant Pepco, with whom a 5-year contract was signed in 2018 and has already been extended for the next 5+5 years.

The second floor was leased for a sports and medical center - 220 m2 - rent per month 1,100 euros.

In the immediate vicinity there are busy transport routes providing a constant influx of buyers. Also, next to the shopping center there is a large outdoor parking.

Adjacent to the store are chains such as Spar, the largest Dutch supermarket chain headquartered in Amsterdam. KIK store is a German chain of clothing stores. KIK is one of the 10 largest German companies operating in the retail sector with 3,200 stores in Europe.



Pepco - это сеть магазинов текстиля и товаров для дома. С 2004 года компания вошла в состав холдинга Pepkor, включеного в Steinhoff International Holdings Limited, группу, владеющую 42 розничными брендами в 44 странах Европы, Африки и Австралии. На 2017 год — 1243 магазина. 

Tenant area
Credit estimate
Rental contract
5 years
Possibility of refusal
Without the possibility of refusal
Investment prediction
  • The shop was fully renovated in 2018
  • All leases were re-signed in 2018
  • The shopping area has an anchor tenant - a food retailer who is already in this location
Financing calculation
Cost of the object
Rental flow / year
Rental flow / month
ROI without financing
Payback period / years
Effective ROI with financing

Credit options

Loan amount
Own founds
Interest rate
Period of financing / years
Period of financing / months
Monthly loan body
Annual loan body

When using bank financing, the payback will be 6,12% per annum on invested own funds in the amount of 675.000€ and 4,12% on bank funds in the amount of 675.000€.

Total payback when using bank financing will be 10,25%.

For the crediting period 16,33 years taking into account the repayment of the loan body and %, the profit will be 81.451,02€ through the period of 16,33 years the property will remain in full ownership of the investor with price of 1.350.000€.

Total upon investment of own funds in the amount of 675.000€ we get profit over the loan term in the amount of 756.451,02€ (rental income after all payments on loan obligations) 81.451,02€ plus the value of the property, minus investment amount 675.000€.

+ Read explanation - Hide explanation

CALCULATION OF PAYMENTS ON THE LOAN at an annuity (the percentage is included in the monthly payment)

Monthly payment
The % of the sum is: 585,91€
Account balance after payment
Total annual payment
The % of the sum is: 7.030,90€
Annual account balance after payment
Total body% of the loan for the entire loan term
One-time Expenses

By one-time expenses we mean single, occurring once expenses that you might require during at least the first year. This may be the cost of registration of your company (d.o.o.), agency fees, etc.

Agency fee
The price includes the full management of the transaction, the organization of inspections, bargaining, negotiation of contracts. Payment is taken after having the documents filed for the registration of property rights and the receipt and transfer.
3% + VAT
Property tax
Payment is taken in the case of buying commercial real estate with a tenant or residential real estate in the secondary market.
2% + VAT
State fee for writing property rights
Payment is taken depending on the price of real estate, usually does not exceed 1000 EUR.
Translation of documents
Basic translation/specialized/judicial
15€ / 30€ / 50€
Interpretive services
75€ / hour
Opening a company, getting a TIN
Regular Expenses

By regular expenses we mean expenses that are periodically repeated from month to month, in general, these are expenses for taxes, accounting services and bank account maintenance.

per Month
per Year
Accounting services
Bank account
TAX 4%
Simplified tax system - 4% of the company's turnover (the entire balance of the company account is net profit)
Total income without TAX

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